NIMBLER is a full-service digital marketing agency that acts as a strategic partner to drive innovation. We have offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
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Speed of iteration beats quality of iteration.

We often get asked where the name ‘NIMBLER’ comes from. Well, in the late 20th century there was a fighter pilot called Colonel John Richard Boyd, whose theories have been highly influential in the military, sports, business and litigation. He researched an anomaly the US Air Force encountered in the performance of 1950’s era jet fighters, which resulted in what is now known as “Boyd’s Law”.
He looked at a Russian MiG-15 and American F-86 fighter jet, and concluded the Russian jet was better in almost every way: it was better constructed, faster, had better weapons, better visibility and could even turn faster. However, when the two encountered each other in a dogfight the American jet would come out on top 9 times out of 10.
There was only one real area where the F-86 had an advantage: it had hydraulic flight controls. That made it far easier to manoeuvre than the MiG. So it took less physical energy to control the American jet, which meant the pilot was less fatigued over the course of a dogfight, which can last hours. That led to the formulation of Boyd’s Law: “Speed of iteration beats quality of iteration.” In other words, being more agile, or nimbler, will make you come out on top in the end.
It turns out that theory also applies to business; being nimbler to act on changing market conditions will make you more successful, even if your competitor has a higher quality product or service. It becomes easier to experiment with different things to test your assumptions, and your organisation stays more agile to act on changing conditions.
We translate that into not only a high level of service, but also by allowing our clients to execute projects very quickly. Our sprints are a wonderful example, because during a sprint we execute an entire marketing & branding project in just one week. We also do not plan projects weeks or months in advance like many agencies do – it’s fair to say that if you come to us today, we will give you a proposal today, and we can start tomorrow.