NIMBLER is a full-service digital marketing agency that acts as a strategic partner to drive innovation. We have offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
SA: +27 12 004 0066
UK: ‭+44 7307 569893‬
Step 1
We need to understand your organisation first, for which we schedule an introductory meeting. That also allows us to explain what we can do for you.
Step 2
We prepare a proposal with a plan that’s right for you, whether it’s just an hour a month to share ideas or a full change management project.
Step 3
The basis for our work is consulting, so we have a virtual meeting at least once a month during which we discuss progress, new ideas and evaluate.
Step 4
We can assist you with implementing new solutions, including migrations from older systems. The goal is to make transitions as smooth as possible.
Step 5
Implementing is only half the job because we also need to train you and your staff to use these new solutions, assuring they will be used to their full potential.