NIMBLER is a full-service digital marketing agency that acts as a strategic partner to drive innovation. We have offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
SA: +27 12 004 0066
UK: ‭+44 7307 569893‬


Individually talented,
collectively remarkable.

NIMBLER was founded by the fans of common sense, storytellers and creative visionaries wanting to work with clients who are open to innovation, appreciate work that works hard, and who don't mind a little fun every now and then. NIMBLER Technology is an innovation partner that makes organisations more efficient by implementing cloud technology. We handle consulting, implementation and training of a wide variety of cloud solutions for the service industry in South Africa and the UK.

A Nimble Approach to Innovation.

Whether you’re starting a new business, want to grow your business, become more efficient, or take your business to the next level; our expertise and collective experience in the cloud technology field allow us to become an invaluable strategic partner for you. We work with founders of startups from conception, as well as SMEs across all industries.


Project Management Solutions
Email & Collaboration Solutions
Internal Communication Solutions
Helpdesk Solutions
Live Chat Solutions
VoIP Solutions


Accounting Solutions
Payroll Solutions
Expense Management Solutions
Financial Reporting Solutions
Business Intelligence Solutions

Sales & Marketing.

Proposal Solutions
CRM Solutions
Marketing Automation Solutions
Email Marketing Solutions
Complete Branding & Marketing Solutions

An Affordable Innovation Partner.

Innovation should be a continuous process in any organisation. We offer an affordable plan for any startup or SME that allows you to get professional advice on how to make your business more successful and efficient by implementing cloud technology. Our plans start from just one hour per month, but can also encompass assistance with implementations or migrations, as well as training of your staff. Our nimble approach makes innovation affordable.

How We Work

NIMBLER is a strategic partner that drives innovation by implementing cloud technology.
This is our process.

Step 1
We need to understand your organisation first, for which we schedule an introductory meeting. That also allows us to explain what we can do for you.
Step 2
We prepare a proposal with a plan that’s right for you, whether it’s just an hour a month to share ideas or a full change management project.
Step 3
The basis for our work is consulting, so we have a virtual meeting at least once a month during which we discuss progress, new ideas and evaluate.
Step 4
We can assist you with implementing new solutions, including migrations from older systems. The goal is to make transitions as smooth as possible.
Step 5
Implementing is only half the job because we also need to train you and your staff to use these new solutions, assuring they will be used to their full potential.